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Please ring or email if you would like to order or discuss any of my designs. I'd be very happy to take commissions.
You are welcome to visit, I have some sculptures on display although making an appointment is a very good idea as stock levels go down as well as up!
At present I haven't had to post one but would be able to work out a courier price.
Local delivery available.

Payments by cheque, card or cash.
These sculptures have an oil coating which will need recoating occasionally, depending on it’s situation. For the majority of cases, a fresh coat every six months will be more than enough, keeping it in tip top condition. I use Owatrol oil which works very well, giving a fine sheen finish. You can buy a 500ml can online which will last a long time. Using a small sponge you can coat the sculpture reasonably quickly and evenly. Best to do it outside on a sunny day. It takes a couple of hours to dry.

The green oak plinth will weather to a silver colour in six months or so. No treatment required. Comes with a recycled steel stake to secure it to the ground.